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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  • The hardwood floors were previously done with a high gloss finish. It is starting to peel in sections, how do I fix it?

    You should sand it all and refinish it.

  • How can you make Douglas Fir floors look good again?

    They can be sanded and varnished to look their best again.

  • Can you install a layer of T&G plywood over a 3/4” plywood subfloor? Should the T&G run in the opposite direction and what is the best way to nail the T&G connection point?

    You can install T&G over 3/4” plywood subfloor. It should run across the subfloor and it is best to use flooring screws. The usual application schedule is 6” spacing around the perimeter and 12” on the field.

  • How do I fix a squeaky hardwood floor?

    The squeak is probably in the subfloor over a floor joist. Best way is to run screws into the subfloor through the joint nearest the squeak. If this is awkward, first screw a 2 x 2 to the side of the joint tight to the subfloor, then screw up through the 2 x 2 into the subfloor.

  • I would like to know who manufactures the "glueless" Viva-clic laminate flooring. Also can you give me the results of the Taber testing on it?

    It is made in Germany by Holz Dammers Moers. Taber testing alone is no longer considered to be a reliable measure of abrasion resistance as results can be easily manipulated. It should be considered only when included in a battery of other tests conducted by an independent testing facility. Viva has been given a Class 23 (residential) and class 31(commercial) rating in such tests.

  • Can you use Oak plywood as a "Hardwood" flooring?

    Don't even think about it. The veneer is only 1/48" max thick and can't tolerate abrasion unless given several coats of special floor finish. The main reason not to, however, is that the core veneer of the cabinet plywood are allowed voids, which could cause a furniture leg or a shoe heel to pop through, ruining the floor and perhaps cause an injury. Use products that are intended for flooring.