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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  • How do I get the inside corner cut to match up when installing the crown moulding?

    One piece is butted into the corner and the other is coped to fit around the first. The piece to be coped is cut at a 45-degree angle to reveal the profile. A coping saw is then used, angled inwards slightly, to cut along the profile revealed so that the cut takes the shape of the butted moulding. Once it has been trimmed to fit, the coped piece is installed.

  • How do I join lengths of mouldings?

    When you have to join two pieces of moulding to form one long continuous piece, use an overlapping 45° mitre cut. This is called a “scarf joint”. See illustration below.

  • At what height is chair rail moulding normally installed?

    Chair rail moulding is normally installed at 42" from the floor.