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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  • How do I stop a rattling door?

    If the door rattles less than 1/8”, you may be able to fix the problem simply by adjusting the tab on the bearing side of the strike plate. These metal tabs are made to take a slot screwdriver, and can be bent in and out, a little at a time until the rattling is gone. 

    Relocating the strike plate or removing the door stop and renailing it againest the closed and latched door can fix the sever rattle.

  • How do I put a new door into my existing jamb?

    Just because your door has been machined to match your door does not mean it will fit perfect, particularly if the old door was wood. A wood door may have warped or twisted over the years to fit the frame. 

    If your door binds against the jamb after your hinges are tight and well seated, you'll have to identify the areas of interference and plane them with a sharp hand plane. Don't use a hand rasp, it is almost useless on wood. 

    With the door shut, use a thin piece of cardboard and slide all around the perimeter of the door. Mark interfering areas lightly with a pencil. Plane lightly the excess.